Writer. Porg Trainer. Stage IIIa BC thriver.


Mary L. Farmer is a writer, art lover and mother of two living off the grid in a sod house on the great Midwest plain of Illinois who weaves baskets out of prairie grass in her spare time.

Okay really she lives in a subdivision near Chicago with running water and shops at Target, but reserves the right to periodically escape to  southwest Michigan because they've got more trees.

She is happy to accept bribes of fancy candles, colorful Sharpies and circus peanuts (the gross orange candy kind) as incentives to write faster. This may or may not work but hey, it's worth a try.

Mary is a survivor of stage IIIa breast cancer (2011) and thinks cancer blows the big one. So please please PLEASE support metastatic cancer research. It is THE only way to a cure, people. Pink ribbons, "awareness" and the loads of bullshit pink merchandise being pedaled out there will NEVER stop anyone from dying. For more information on how you can help please visit Metavivor .

In her spare time Mary likes to stare into the abyss of her own mortality but has also been known to read, write, watch movies and visit estate sales. She thinks Facebook is creepy and has worked as a paperboy, ice cream server, fabric store clerk, soap store clerk, sandwich shop artist, theater counter server, negative developer, paste-up artist, newspaper ad compositor, human resources assistant, beauty school records officer, advertising sales rep, retail sales clerk, resume writer, adminstrative assistant, antiques dealer, jewelry designer, and once operated the duck pond game at an amusement park.